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  • Improve focus and concentration.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Enhance balance.
  • Build core strength and fascia.
  • Recover from injury by making modifications and working within limits.


Literally “energy cultivation”. Qigong is centuries older than Tai Chi and consists of deep breathing and movements to cultivate qi.

Chen-style Tai Chi

The oldest and most martial form of Tai Chi – it has both slow and quick movements.

Sun-style Tai Chi

The newest form of Tai Chi created by Sun LuT’ang – it has smooth, compact, and upright movements with a heavy emphasis on qigong.

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Yoga vs Tai Chi

Yoga vs Tai Chi

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Top 3 Benefits of Tai Chi

Top 3 Benefits of Tai Chi

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Tai Chi Guy – An Introduction

Tai Chi Guy – An Introduction

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